Spirit Food Fellowships

Men of Honor

The Men of Honor Fellowship is an opportunity for men to come together in Christ.  We promote and encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We also examine issues of importance to strong male leadership, business, strong marriages and living a successful Christian life.

Women of Virtue

The Women of Virtue fellowship allows women to gather together in Jesus and fellowship. We feed on the Word with the sisterhood spiritually, emotionally and physically, and come together in prayer for whatever needs we have in our lives. Our fellowships give us the opportunity to spend time in an atmosphere of praise and worship, and enjoy a wonderful catered lunch.

Successful Singles

The Successful Singles ministry represents living a successful life as an unmarried person in the kingdom of God. We devote our time to our Father’s business as we are single-minded on the Lord. We support each other in matters that solely pertain to living a single lifestyle in this world, while maintaining a close fellowship with God. We pray, we praise, we love, we have fun, we live the life God has purposed for us by faith. We are successful ones in the Lord!

Seen Years S.A.L.T. Fellowship

The Seasonal Adult Living Testimony (S.A.L.T.) Fellowship is for mature members of the congregation over 55 years old.  The fellowship presents an opportunity for the group to come together sharing the common unique perspective that comes with more life experience.